Price Erosion in Generic Drugs

INN Threat
Fixed rate application
Currency volatility and foreign-source dependency

Updated Regulations

The registration guidelines are becoming more stringent
Need for additional investment and longer product development times.

Rapidly Changing Novel Therapy Trends

New products that require advanced technology, change the treatment trends, and the threat of biotechnological drugs.

Patent Wars

Decreasing number of patent expiries.
Evergreen patents.
The Threat of Generic Patents.

High Competition

Increase in marketing investment, the fact that only 1 or 2 companies can compete in a crowded market.
Restriction on license applications for the same molecule.

aRDi Farma is a dynamic company focused on R&D and related activities. It develops new products for local and multinational companies, both for the Turkish market and for other markets, in line with their own strategic goals.

Generic market gets tougher by price erosion, increased competition and the new products with high technology and specialized infrastructure with high investment cost. Therefore, a dynamic portfolio is an advantage for generic companies and to plan the R&D investment in the right product, at the right time is important. Ardi Farma supports its partners to generate strategies for the right product; at the right time; and with the right team.